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Club Water

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The fishing on the Derwent runs northwards from Stamford Bridge, to just above the village of Scrayingham.  The rights are NOT fully continuous along each bank - please see the maps (right) for full details.

Stamford Bridge Caravan Park

Fishing is now allowed in permitted areas between the Weir and the Bridge at Stamford Bridge from 16th June 2011.  Fishing is also permitted on both banks of The Cut.  This is allowed on a dawn-to-dusk basis only to minimise any disturbance to the Caravan Park residents.  Fishing is strictly by arrangement with the owner, David Hind, at 4 Buttercrambe Road, Stamford Bridge YO41 1AN, Tel: 01759 371377, website:  Please telephone beforehand during business hours, or call at the Caravan Park office, before accessing the fishery.  It is suggested you park in the public car park across the bridge as there are only limited spaces in the site itself.  Please observe the utmost discretion whilst fishing as we will be ‘on trial’ this year

Barlham Beck

Also included is a small stretch of trout fishing on Barlham Beck.

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The Cut








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